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Lo mejor de España

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" International retirement is not a certainty "

- Miroslav Klose giving us hope (via mullerreus)

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"I have always respected and learned from the coaches I have worked with. I have learned from their words, because I knew they could make me better and help me improve. And I’m very thankful to every single one of them. I don’t bear a grudge against anyone and I prefer to remember the good things we have achieved together. I don’t have any sort of problem with any coach I’ve had in the past and I would work again with all of them. They’ve all been very important in different stages of my career."

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what erik durm really thinks.. [asked by anon]

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James Rodriguez ladies and gentlemen

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What football taught me: trust no one and nothing until you see that motherfucker holding the jersey and signing the contract


Liverpool Babies 

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